What would the best
version of you look like?

Hi, I am Shawn, a certified integrative nutrition health coach and yin-yang yoga teacher. I am here to help you in the process of becoming the healthiest version of yourself. You deserve to thrive.

Get unstuck,
and back to you.

I take time to listen. I hold space for you to untie the knots, tune-in to your inner voice and follow the path that is uniquely your own.

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In this 10-minute intro call we’ll meet to learn about how I can help you.

6-month program

Join my program to transform your life and meet your goals. With regular meetings every two weeks, you will steadily make positive changes, becoming a more balanced and joyful version of yourself.

Your personal
Health History

What keeps you from being healthy and happy? Let's talk for 60 - 90 minutes to begin figuring it out. You will walk away with a clearer idea of what is in your way, plus a plan of how to move forward on your road to a more balanced body and life.

Group Coaching

In small-group sessions held at my space in Weissensee, Berlin, we explore a variety of topics relating to health and lifestyle, such as sleep, anxiety, parenting, hydration, relaxation, stress-reduction, eating habits and body movement.

Your Time is

Finding oneself is not really a discovery, but a re-discovery. It's a process of peeling back the layers of external expectations and societal pressures to uncover the true essence of who you are. And just like any process of uncovering something valuable, it takes time, patience, and a willingness to go deeper and to grow. I am humbled to be part of your process, to accompany you on your journey.

About the Studio

Born Yin is situated in the heart of Weißensee in northeastern Berlin. Guided by Shawn's nurturing presence, Born Yin is a place to breathe, unwind and reconnect with your inner self. Whether you're here for a transformative coaching session, a quieting yin yoga class, an invigorating yang yoga experience, a one-on-one private yoga session, or a community gathering,

you'll find yourself embraced by an environment that warmly invites you to relax and be your authentic self. This space resonates with an ethos of acceptance, honoring the essence of each individual in their most natural, vulnerable, and grounded state.



Shawn K. Russell is a certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, living in Berlin.


Shawn Russell
Gustav-Adolf-Str. 15
13086 Berlin, Germany


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