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Yoga & Coaching with Shawn

Do your future self a favor: take conscious steps in your life today as preventative care for tomorrow.

Health Coaching

What is integrative nutrition health coaching?

You know how you have this inner voice that tells you what is best for you? Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge to say something to someone, or to not walk out the door even though it’s time to leave, or to hold off on having another glass of wine, cup of espresso or piece of cake?

Health coaching is taking the time to listen to this voice – your intuition. Not only listening to it, but taking it really seriously. Additionally, it’s receiving the support from your coach to turn those intuitive decisions into positive, lasting habits, transforming your life one (small) step at a time.

Start here with a health history consultation.

Circle of Life

In my 6-month program, we will work with the Circle of Life tool, as pictured here. You are encouraged to reflect on these different aspects of your life and ask yourself how satisfied you are in each area. This is a key into where we can work together to bring your life into balance.

One’s physical health, for example, could be negatively impacted more from a toxic relationship or unsatisfying work life than from a diet high in processed foods. Or, hours of screen time (especially before bed) could be affecting your quality and amount of sleep, which in turn affects your mood and performance at work.

Yin and Yin-Yang Yoga

Yoga connects you to your inner world. Yin is the slowing down, surrendering, and unearthing the depth of one’s being through stillness in nurturing, ground-based poses. Yang is movement with breath (or hatha vinyasa), challenging the body physically and reaping benefits in all aspects of oneself by staying present in body and mind. The practice of yin-yang yoga brings us into a balanced state.

About Shawn’s yoga offerings:

  • Weekly group classes offered in Berlin Weissensee at C*Space and on Zoom
  • Additional pop-up classes of yin-yang yoga held regularly in Berlin
  • Private classes for one or two in the comfort of your home or office, at Shawn’s place or online from anywhere
  • Attendance of group classes is free to current coaching clients
  • Gift certificates available

Shawn demonstrating Sun Salutation A on the rooftop of C*Space in winter

“I would recommend my coach to anyone who wants to work on or change health-related patterns and problems.”

— Ralf, Berlin