6-month Program

Are you tired of being tired? Do your joints ache? Has your digestion been off since forever? Is stress inhibiting your ability to be fully present in your interactions? Is work an obligation? Are you missing joy in your everyday life? Is your relationship a drag? Are you addicted to sweets, caffeine, alcohol or tobacco? Are you struggling to gain or lose weight? Has it been much too long since you felt a sense of overall balance and happiness? If any of these challenges resonate with you personally, please read on.

In this 6-month REJUVENATE YOUR LIFE program, you’ll not only uncover the key imbalances that are in your way to living your healthiest life, but you’ll also begin to make lasting changes that positively impact your life on all levels, one small step at a time.

In the initial health history consultation we’ll delve into what’s out of balance and in need of attention in your life – in terms of your physical body, emotional wellness, work situation, home environment, relationships, eating habits, spiritual life, and much more. Over the span of a half year, you’ll meet me online or in person for a total of 12 coaching sessions. From the very first session you’ll set goals for yourself to reach by the 1st, 3rd and 6th month mark. Every two weeks we will meet for a 50-60 minute conversation where I’ll ask questions and you’ll have the opportunity to share how things are evolving, what you want to change and which small action steps will get you there. My role is to encourage your progress and help you to keep moving closer to your goals.

Although I may offer suggestions and tips when you request them, the process of coaching is self-led. Your journey to wellness is unique to you, as no one knows you better than yourself. I will support you throughout your wellness transformation, to draw out your inner wisdom and hold you accountable when taking the practical steps to living your best life.

Say, for example, you have told me that you want to drink less coffee because you notice it affects your sleep in a negative way. I may ask you what motivates you to make this change, how would you benefit by drinking less coffee, and what initial steps could you take to begin that process of cutting down the number of coffees you consume per day. Your response might be, “Coffee keeps me up and I need more rest at night. When I drink coffee only in the morning I can still fall asleep at 10pm, sleep through the night and wake naturally the next morning, ready to start my day. As a result, I feel less tired since I have had a good night’s rest. I do find it hard to resist the mid-afternoon espresso, though, but instead I’ll start replacing it with an herbal tea or a decaffeinated coffee a few times per week.”

The above is only a rough sample of what a client might be coached on, but with this simple example you begin to see that the answers are ones you already have, and my job as your coach is to help you both to realize them and to move forward by doing what is best for you. Given that this program is six months in duration, you will experience ups and downs, holidays, vacations, two or three seasons, and other fluctuations that naturally occur as time passes. With a coach by your side, the changes you make become sustainable and slowly integrated into your life with the continuation of practice and being held accountable each step of the way.

In addition to meeting twice per month, you are also invited to attend my weekly Yin and Yin-yang yoga classes here in Berlin or online from anywhere. These are free to anyone enrolled in the 6-month program. Occasional email or WhatsApp contact is available, too, depending on your contract. For those living in Berlin, you’ll receive one Pantry Makeover and one BioMarkt store tour as a part of the 6-month program package.

The monthly cost is 260EUR (130EUR/session). A discount of 10% is applied when paying for the entire program in full. Payment by bank transfer, PayPal or cash are all acceptable.

For more information or to get the ball rolling on taking your health and wellness to a whole new level, please contact me today. There’s no time like the present to begin living your best life imaginable.