1:1 YinYang Yoga

A slow and gentle six minute (yang) yoga flow. Grab your mat and get started!

Since 2019, I’ve been offering yoga sessions for the individual, taught either in the comfort of your home or office, virtually via Zoom, in my living room in Weissensee, or outdoors in local parks (when weather permits).

I spend 60 or 90 minutes to give you a unique yoga session based on what you need. My teaching is very intuitive, yet rooted in expert training* and 20+ years of practice. These yoga sessions are catered to you, to your abilities, goals and lifestyle, and will help ground you as well as balance your body and mind to experience a more peaceful state.

The cost of a session varies, depending on duration, frequency, number of people and location. A minimum of 48EUR gives you a 60-minute class online, whereas 108EUR gives a couple 90 minutes of yoga in their home, within the Berlin city limits.

All levels, ages and body types are welcome. Anyone can do yoga. Please reach out here for more information or to arrange a yoga session with me. More details can be found here as well. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting you.

* 2019 Insight Yoga – 70H – Sarah Powers, Oslo & 2011 Hatha Vinyasa – 200H -Lorraine Aronson, Shanghai